The little workhorse of shooting. Everyone I’ve known has either started off with a .22 rifle or a 20 gauge shotgun as a kid. I’d guess it depends on which part of the country you grew up in, and what you expected to hunt.


  • It’s a great small game round,
  • It’s a great plinking round, because it’s so cheap.
  • It’s a nice round to learn on, because it doesn’t have any kick.


Ruger Mark I vs Pistol Training Cube

Ruger Mark I .22 LR vs Car Door

.22 LR vs Cantaloupe

.22 LR vs Phonebook

.22 LR vs Front Indoor Wall

.22 LR vs Back Indoor Wall

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  1. Well, I agree that sucks, but something has to pay the bills. Blip.Tv is who I’m using right now, but honestly I think I may just switch to youtube directly in the future. I have all videos cross posted on both of those sites, so you’re welcome to see the youtube version if you want less ads (though they’re still there too).

  2. How do you mount a scope (rail) onto a .22? Mine has iron sights; I have a very nice 1 inch diameter Buckmaster hunting rifle scope (way over kill, its probably worth 3x more than the rifle but it was free for me), but there are no holes or anything on top of my .22 to mount a rail. There are two screws but they are at a 290 degree angle (looking down sight) near the back of the barrel, over the trigger group, am I suppose to use those?

    All the scope mount kits I see already assume you have some kind of rail.

    Walmart sells the cinchy little .22 scope kits, my dad has one on a chinese air rifle, but it doesn’t look like its useful for anything.

    What’s the best way to mount a scope on a 22 with iron sights?

    1. You can usually look in the owner’s guide for instructions on how to mount a scope to your gun. If you don’t have the guide, go online to the manufacturer. Assuming you have something like a 10/22, it’s predrilled for a scope. The screws above the action are designed to be replaced with the included scope mount, or you can go to nearly any hunting store (or even walmart) and buy bases and rings that will work.

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