Choosing a bicycle for your daily trips across the city can be quite a task if you have no clue as to what or how the marvel on two wheels function. Since there are various bikes, selecting one can be a rigmarole if you are starting to research the types. You may have plans to buy a bicycle either for the daily commute or for riding out of passion. There are different reasons for the purchase, and the bikes also are built accordingly. So, you need to look into certain factors before putting your money into one. Let us look at a proper step-by-step method to find the right type of bike.

1.     The Type of Bike You Need

If you are starting out on a bike, learn how to ride it before buying a brand new one. A basic single speed bike will do when you are riding for the first time. Once you have learned how to handle bicycles, you must look into the various types of bikes. The capabilities will differ from one type to another. If you plan to take it only through the streets, the one that rides best on roads should be your choice. The standard bike is the ideal one to ride around in town since it is a single-speed type, and it comes with coaster brakes.

The best type of bike for training yourself for competitions are BMX bikes, which are low profile and single-geared, and have knobbly tires. Road bikes are of two types: racing and touring. The former is lightweight, speed-oriented bikes that place the rider in an aggressive position. On the other hand, touring bikes are best for carrying loads and offering sustained comfort. Mountain bikes are designed for off-road use, and they come with stable handling, compact frames, and knobbly tires. They are meant for the hilly terrains and fast ride through the mountains. Tandem bikes have an extra seat, and the recumbent bikes place the rider in a “reclining” position.

2.     The Features of the Bike

With many types of bikes to choose from, you can be confused at each stage of selection. The next thing to check is your budget against the price of a bike. You can find bicycles of varying price ranges, and the quality will depend on the brand you choose to buy. Once you have decided on the type of bike for your usage, check through the multiple options and their costs. When you want to add a basket, baby seat, or a saddlebag, the expenses will be higher. Consider the frequency at which you will be using the bike or the maximum number of years you will pedal it so that you can adjust your budget accordingly.

3.     The Bike that Fits You Well

The key to getting the right bike is knowing how comfortable it is. Try riding it at the store before purchasing it to understand the level of comfort with each brand. This should be the last and most important aspect to consider when buying a bike. The bicycle that checks all the boxes on this list is the perfect one for you.

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