Shooting Web Sites is an extremely well thought and nicely writing firearms web site. High Speed Shot Photos offers some of the more interesting shots on the web today. Obviously this is something we’d like to do on

Shooting Benches
Shooting Benches Manufacturers Stucky’s Sturdy Shooting Benches – $395 – 40″ x 32″ top – Steel construction, check out the picture of four shooting benches holding up a GMC truck! Ultra Bench Shooting Bench by Coyote Jakes, Inc

Gun Safes
21 Gun Safe Resources Safes Homeland Security Safes – gun safes and vault doors, including biometric locks Browning Gun Safes – Stylish safes with the signature Browning logo available at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Safes from Cabela’s.

Colorado Shooting Resources
State of Colorado Shooting Resources is a site trying to organize information for the shooters in the state of Colorado. They have a nice page put together on places to shoot in Colorado.