Shooting Benches

Shooting Benches


Stucky’s Sturdy Shooting Benches - $395 – 40″ x 32″ top – Steel construction, check out the picture of four shooting benches holding up a GMC truck!

Ultra Bench Shooting Bench by Coyote Jakes, Inc. – $299 – ? size – Seat and table top rotate 360 degrees independently of each other.

BR Pivot by Varmint Masters, LLC – $575 – 45″ x 26″ top, fully rotatable or lockable.

The Buck Bench by Southwest Tactical – $159 – 24″ x 24″ top – folding, non rotating design.

Portable Shooting Bench by Buffalo Arms Co. $102.49 – 24″ x 48″ top. – plywood and folding leg construction. Does not rotate. Nice supports for the (see the image) for the Cowboy Action crowd.

Predator Shooting Table by MtM Case-Gard – $89.95 (MSRP) – 28″ x 35″ top. Plastic construction with folding legs. Does not rotate. Only 15 lbs.

Prairie Predator by Do-All Outdoors – $?? – ?? size – 360 degree swivel.

Trigger Happy Bench by Do-All Outdoors – $?? – ?? size – Does not rotate. Can be freestanding or inserted into a standard trailer hitch.

Iron Bear by Do-All Outdoors – $?? – ?? size – Does not rotate. Lightweight tale with padded top.

Model 2500 Portable Shooting Bench by Target Shooting Incorporated – $2,985 – 40″ x 42″ – Extremely heavy weight construction. Top 48 lbs, Base 67 lbs, Seat 7lbs. 360 Degrees rotation.

R.A.S.S. Bench by RCBS – $399.95. No top, just a cradle. Rotates 360 degrees and up/down +/- 20 degrees. You have to login and find the bench in their catalog.

Dual SharpShooter Bench by Inventive Technology – $293.95 – 24″ x 35″ top. Folding legs; does not rotate.

Cabela’s Elite Shooting Bench – $119.95 – ?? top – does not rotate. Folding table design, includes seat.

DIY Plans

Shooting Bench Construction by Mike Nelson (via – 4×4 and 2×4 construction. Just pictures, but if you can cut a board, you can make these.

Booger Bench – 40″ x 24″ top – see the plans via the Photos link

Shooting Bench by Larry Willis – $75 (materials) – 27″ x 30″ top – plywood and threaded steel pipe construction. I actually enjoyed reading through the quotes sectio as well.

Shooting Bench Plans by Michael A. Morrow. – 28″ x 36″ top. 11 step process with illustrations.

Shooting Bench with Swivel Top by Roy Bertalotto (via Blog) -didn’t see the article on Roy’s site, but  here’s the steps and pictures he has online.

Portable Shooting Bench by Mark Perkins – 36″ x 48″ – all plywood construction! He includes the cutting list for building the bench out of one sheet of plywood.

Basic Shooting Bench by Klayton Kidd – 27.5″ x 37.5″ – MDF top, with a restaurant table base.

Portable Shooting Bench by Dave Arnold – 65″ x ? – heavy duty wood table plans. Calls for an 11″ thick table top.

Horst Guns Shooting Bench Plans – $120 (materials) – 36″ x 54″ – 2×4 and 4×4 construction.

Portable Shooters Bench by Ray Gauthier – 24″ x 48″ top. Uses plywood for the top, and banquet table legs.

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  1. Air Support says:

    Made the Horst and is featured on my blog.

  2. Stopper says:

    Good deal, I’m sure others will find your set of construction pictures pretty useful!

    • Frank says:

      Are you affiliated with SWTactical? If so, I’d be happy to put a pic on here of that bench. If not, thanks at least for the vote of confidence for that particular bench.

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