StoppingPower.Info aims to be the almanac of the shooting sports on the net. While you can dig for firearms data on the net, we hope we can provide information and experience that makes the critical difference in the pursuit of your firearms interest. StoppingPower.Info is for shooters and provides the information you can’t get elsewhere on the net.

Fundamentally, you can find a lot of information on the net about shooting, guns, ballistics, etc. But the question we’re asked all the time is “Yeah, I know how far it’s supposed to shoot, but what does it *do* when it hits?” What does it look like when buckshot is fired into an interior wall? How do different rounds tear up a phonebook? What does a shotgun slug do when it hits it’s target (pretty much whatever it wants). We have various targets in this category and various information on each type of round we’ve shot (e.g. 9mm, .357 Magnum, .308, etc.). Contact us if you have any ideas on this topic.

We are actively trying to build a comprehensive review of each and every firearm ever conceived or created. This section is driven by user ratings and comments, and show the true value of a gun based on public input.