Disc golf is a fun and challenging outdoor sport. It is played like golf, but instead of using clubs or balls, players use flying discs to hit a metal basket or target. Added to this mix are obstacles such as trees, water hazards, and sand pits that are marked by stakes. The game is an excellent way to stay active, have fun and make new friends. Disc golf can be get from sports store like Reaper Disc Supply and is played on a course consisting of six or nine holes. In each hole, the disc golf course generally has trees, water hazards, sand traps and baskets positioned in a variety of different locations.

Why Disc Golf is the Perfect Outdoor Activity for All Ages

Below are some of the many reasons why disc golf is a perfect activity for all ages:

1. Low-Impact Exercise

Disc golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from infants to senior citizens, due to the fact that it has a low impact and is easy on the joints. A wonderful approach to develop your cardiovascular fitness without placing an excessive amount of pressure on your body is to walk the course while carrying and tossing the disc. This is a great technique to improve your fitness. The activity can also be modified to provide a lower impact workout for people who are working their way back from an injury.

2. Low-Cost to Play and Buy Discs

This inexpensive sport is fun for all ages and requires only discs and putters. First-time players whose parents want to participate but can’t afford expensive equipment would benefit from this. Before purchase, try discs at a local disc golf course. It’s cheaper than you think.

3. Variety of Courses to Play

Courses for the sport of disc golf are not all built the same and can be located in a wide variety of environments. It’s possible that the layout will include dangers like water or trees, among other things, to up the difficulty level. Playing on the beach is a lot of fun, but playing in the woods presents a different sort of a struggle to overcome. Even something as basic as string can be used to construct your very own personal course for disc golf.

4. Easy to Learn and Teach

Disc golf is easy to learn for those who have not played before. No experience is required, and you can learn the game quite quickly by reading some instruction manuals or simply asking someone if they would be willing to show you how their favorite course is laid out. You can also purchase a disc golf set that comes with an instructional DVD that will teach you how to play the sport within minutes of receiving your discs.

5. Great for Socializing/Family Fun

Disc golf offers a great way to have fun with your friends or family members. It allows you to play a game that doesn’t take up too much time and is not too intense for those who are new to the sport. For example, many disc golf players take turns throwing while the others are waiting to throw. This provides a great opportunity to socialize and develop camaraderie with others.

In conclusion, disc golf is a great sport to participate in and fun to play. It is a low impact yet challenging game with plenty of variety. If you’re still looking for other fun games with your family, then check this out.

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